Once aponer time #1

I am a very proud mum at the moment. Mighty-Girl has always loved writing and creating her own books. Often these are ‘schoolwork’ that she makes up or colouring books that she draws herself but this week she was especially inspired and created a full storybook.

I should point out that no one else had input into her book. She chose the paper and folded it (the original is three A4 sheets folded together), thought up every part of it herself, wrote and illustrated on her own terms and timeline. She did it over two days: one afternoon & evening, and one morning.

I also want to point out that Mighty-Girl turned six at the end of February so is not quite six and two months.

I can see things that she’s picked up in school in her writing, specifically the list of characters and the setting that she’s written at the start! I don’t know if this is based on a story she’s heard but it is her story and an extention of one she started last summer.

Some of the characters have changed – the bee and frog have disappeared and a rabbit (or two) appeared – but it’s the same idea that’s been in her head perculating.

MG has also dedicated the book to Clara Vulliamy, you’ll see why as the story progresses! Clara’s books inspire so much creative play in this house and I’m more than proud of my girl, not only for her perserverence in completing her work, but for knowing who inspires her too.

I shared one page on twitter yesterday, and it was suggested I serialise the work. So, I introduce you to “The Lonely Bear”, serialised in five parts…

The Lonely Bear, front cover

The Lonely Bear, front cover
The odd white patches are because I’m trying to clean up the scan, badly!

The Lonely Bear, inside front cover

The Lonely Bear, inside front cover
Title, setting and character list

The Lonely Bear, page 1

The Lonely Bear, page 1

Come back tomorrow for pages two and three!



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  1. Awesome, truly awesome! LOVING that bear!

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