Once aponer time (an aside)

It’s two-for-the-price-of-one today as along with the third installment of The Lonely Bear I just couldn’t resist sharing something else MG has just written. She decided she hated it so tore it in half, and it’s had water dripped on it too so I’ve typed it up after the pictures.

Witch Story, page 1

Witch Story, page 2

once aponaer time they livd in a carssle a kwen and to prinsesis carld Rosie and Sinder. But muther did not no that sinder was a witch. it startid at night time wen the muther put them to bed and sed good night childrun and when thear mumy gos to slape the bad witch gos to her witch touer evree single night.

Corrected text: Once upon a time there lived in a castle a queen and two princesses called Rosie and Sinder. But mother did not know that Sinder was a witch. It started at nighttime when the mother put them to bed and said “Good night, children,” and when their mummy goes to sleep the bad witch goes to her witch tower every single night.

I find this piece of work astonishing for a six year old. It just seems so mature? Maybe she copied it from somewhere but it’s not familiar to me. If any readers recognise it, please let me know, I’m really curious as to whether it’s something she’s memorised and altered or just her own interpretation of many things she’s read.

I’d love to know more about this story, but I don’t think MG wants to continue it!

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  1. This is an exceptional piece of writing, just as your instinct tells you it is. Your young author is growing from strength to strength in front of our very eyes! I feel certain this is all her own, too.

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