Our Week in Books #24

Goodness, where has the last week gone? I’ve just retro-published the last week-in-books as I forgot to post it last week. I remain utterly lax on both updating Goodreads, and reading books.

I have sorted out some books for decluttering and gave 29 to the girls’ school (plus have 16 needing to be hauled to a charity shop). It was a good week for decluttering. I also filled the 240ltr recycle bin at least 3/4 full and got rid of 4 plastic sacks of clothes and bedding to Bag2School. The 45 picture books removed from the shelves seem to be a drop in the ocean though, and I have piles of unshelved books again because I really need a cull. Sniffle.

No books purchased this week – haha! Apart from the four Iain Banks that should arrive next week. I never tried to keep up with his mainstream fiction, but I did read all the SF up to The Algebraist. Amazon (I know, I’m sorry!) had a selection of Banks novels for £3.99 including hardbacks so I got the last three SF novels plus The Quarry. To get back in the mood, I’m re-reading Use of Weapons, which when I first read it in my early twenties left me stunned. More so than The Wasp Factory. I’m older now, and I have a memory of how the book goes, but it’s still a bit vague so I’m wondering how the writing will affect me now. Within the first couple of chapters I realised this is the one that shapes everything I think about Banks’ Culture novels. Almost all the specifics I remember are from this novel. I sobbed through his final interview on iPlayer. He was gone far too soon.

I do seem to use this week-in-books post as my kind-of diary. I don’t expect anyone to actually read them, they’re just for me! All those silly little lists of unimportant things (like number of books read!) that I like to remember. I regularly regret not keeping up on lists I’ve started in the past: every book purchased or read; every film seen in the cinema… Not sure why I kept them, but still wish I’d always done it. I never did manage to keep diaries going.

Anyhow, enough rambling, onto this weeks uninteresting stats!

New Picture Books read this week:
Clare Beaton's Bedtime Rhymes

Books added to shelves: 5 review books. Cumulative book spend: £371.19 + £12 loyalty card (241 books)

Library books borrowed: none. Cumulative library books borrowed: 75+. Library books currently in the house: 18. I really need to take some back! Although we haven’t read most of the last two batches, some serious story nights needed…

Books removed from shelves: 29. Cumulative book removal: 170 books.

Challenge books read: none finished

Year progress: 166/365 = 45.5%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 307/300 = 102.3%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 29/52 = 55.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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