Our Week in Books #47

I have lost track of where we are with books again. After last week’s book mega-haul (posts and giveaways in progress) I have been too caught up with thinking about how to approach them to notice what we got this week or to think about updating Goodreads. It will get done eventually. I think I’ve updated the books added below correctly, but who knows…

I have so many potential posts buzzing in my head at the moment that it’s stopping me from writing anything again. I have organised the non-fiction selection for one of the planned book round-ups, so that should be coming out soon. I was offered a sponsored post which I managed to forget about but I have the idea so must write that, I have two ideas saved for Mum Club as I’ve not submit anything there yet, and then there’s all the other book reviews that are waiting, and that and this and the other thing and… It’s so hard to concentrate with so many things happening in my head.

I’d planned to resign from Barefoot Books after Christmas because I am absolutely not cut out for sales, but I may just stay an extra month or two and work on some blog reviews and see how that goes. It’s been like drawing blood from a stone so far though, and this is the busiest time of year. I do like getting the books, games and puppets at a discount myself though! This week I took a selection of products to our old nursery to see how they do, fingers crossed for some orders.

This week I also eventually took Mighty-Girl to the GP to ask for advice. Which just cemented my opinion on why I never bother to go there in the first place. I’m annoyed with the lack of support offered, I don’t go to a GP lightly, and I’m offended that her first reaction was to tell me they couldn’t medicate for behaviour, which is not something I would ever ask for. Then again, she also told me that because MG was fine at school it absolutely couldn’t be Asperger’s, which is absolute rubbish. I didn’t even ask about Asperger’s.

However I also talked to MG’s teacher, and the school has set up a meeting next week for me. I never asked them for help before because it’s not been a school issue (she holds herself together at school, melts down at home), but we are struggling with a (I know I’m biased) exceptionally bright child who has one emotional reaction to any situation (dial turned up to eleven) and never seems to sleep. It’s exhausting. I don’t usually write about it here.

This week has been quite emotionally draining on lots of levels. I need to think carefully about what I will be able to do for the next week, especially with some xmas social dos coming up and the effect they will have on my energy levels. I may just stay at home and write lots.

I am still keeping track of the word count for November, even though I didn’t post every day and I haven’t been writing the total at the end of every post. It’s at the end of this post though…

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 1 review copy; 1 gift; 1 new Abe Books; 1 new Amazon.  Cumulative: 477

Library books borrowed: none  Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: none  Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: none. Currently reading S. by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst.

Year progress: 327/365 = 89.6%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 54/52 = 103.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 596; November word count: 10,762]

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