Our Week in Books #51 & #52

Technically there’s a few days until the end of the year, and if any of the numbers change I’ll update the figures below. It looks like I achieved my 52 books this year, but I know several of them were really too small to count so it’s not quite there. However there were several occasions where I didn’t read for weeks at a time, so it’s not too bad going whatever the ‘real’ total should have been.

Not quite 500 picture books read, but I think that’s more due to lack of updating Goodreads than not getting there, so I’m counting it as 500! I’ve certainly lost track of everything at several points in the year…

Over 500 books gained over the year, but almost 300 given away too so a net gain of a little over 200 books. Still too much really, and a cull is in order *sniffles* I’m not going to go mad with getting rid of books though, because we are a booky house.

I have updated Goodreads as best as I could with the last however-many-weeks of missed updates. I will have missed several. I used the Goodreads app to scan a pile of 70 books, but only about half were found by ISBN. Most of the rest I found searching by name, and the final half dozen or so I manually entered.

I’ve been failing on reading books to the children over the last few weeks. I dislike reading aloud, so any time I’m not feeling my best I avoid it so I’ve been avoiding it a lot. On a good week I’ll read more than thirty picture books, on a bad one less than five.

I really ought to try reading longer stories over several nights, but MG and DG complain when there are no pictures. Perhaps they are like me, not very aural so don’t enjoy listening as much. I’ve not tried them on story CDs either – they only like ones with animations so far.

I plan to continue this weekly(ish) update for 2014 as it’s a nice record, and it encourages me to force myself to read even when I don’t always feel like it. I’m keeping the same goals: 300 picture books and 52 books for me. I think I might set up the 300 picture books challenge as a linky or something, as the original challenge I entered disappeared after a couple of months. Hmmm…

A lot of that is repetition of my last ramble, but I’m confirming it to myself. I’ll probably repeat myself again in my end of year / start of year posts too 🙂

New Picture Books read this week: too many to add

Books added to shelves:  2 second hand, 1 new Mostly books, 6 review books, 16 Christmas presents (not already counted) Cumulative: 519

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: 5 Cumulative: 299

Challenge books read: My Animals and Other Family

Year progress: 363/365 = 99.5%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 473/300 = 157.7%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 57/52 = 109.6%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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