Our Week in Books #3

I thought it was going to be a week of no books received but the post today added a review book to our shelves. A gorgeous looking fact book, so I’m really looking forward to going through that. We need to read non-fiction more, it’s hard to convince the children though even though they’re actually interested if they listen!

I also had three NetGalley books approved. I’m a bit rubbish at reviewing longer novels (and picture books in electronic format do not work for us at all) so don’t use NetGalley much but liked the sound of these. Therefore the next three books I need to read are The Queen of Dreams: Peter Hamilton; Ghost Hawk: Susan Cooper; and Phoenix: S.F. Said. At some point I’ll also have Quiet by Susan Cain to read, via the BritMums Book Club. I’ve wanted to read that for ages so really looking forward to it. Although based on previous timelines for their review books, that won’t arrive until March…

I’m not really keen on having my next few books to read proscribed, I like to choose something based on what I feel like but I do feel obliged with the review books, and as I’m so slow with reading I can’t put them off. It’s not that I am a slow reader, just that I don’t put the time aside to read all the time. And ideally I’d prefer to read something two or three times before I review it, which just isn’t possible. It’s one of the reasons I review picture books and early readers.

I almost didn’t finish The Hounds of the Morrigan this week but I’m writing this later in the day than planned and I finished the book during the day today because my coping mechanisms broke again last night. This regularly happens due to the pressure build up of no space because the children don’t sleep until late, and the brief time they are at school is not long enough to recover, besides being filled with too many tasks that seem never ending.

I’m still reading an average of 2-3 books to the children every day. Which lurches wildly between ten books one day and none another, depending on how much I’m coping. The last few days have been erring on the side of none. Destructo-Girl is asking for early readers regularly, but still wants two or three of them, so I’m also suffering from having to say too many words. I don’t understand why people feel the need to fill the air with so much sound all the time, I am in desperate need of silence.

Anyway, some numbers and such forth, before I grumble even more:

Books added to shelves: 1
Infographics: Animal Kingdom – Simon Rogers & Nicholas Blechman
Cumulative: 7

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: none

Books removed from shelves: 5 (to post)
Cumulative: 5

Read 52 books finished this week:
The Hounds of the Morrigan

Year progress: 18/365 = 4.9%
300 Picture Book progress: 41/300 = 13.7%
Read 52 progress: 3/52 = 5.8%

300in2014 A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

3 responses to “Our Week in Books #3

  1. I’m so behind with my own reading, picture books are so much easier. Must read more myself! I’m only on book 3, and it’s taking a while to get through it, as well as having 2 others which had been started and forgotten about.
    Emma T recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

    • I’m only through three books due to a concerted effort to make time to read. The first was a novella, the second quite short and only the third really a ‘proper’ length novel, and that was still a children’s book 🙂

  2. thebeesleybuzz

    I’m very impressed about you keeping track of your reading stats! We’re loving doing the kids picture books challenge – Reading lots, keeping track with photos and pinterest but have failed to post about it yet! x