Our Week in Books #8

Half Term.

The week went well actually. Usually we wouldn’t really go anywhere in a half term week off but with MG’s birthday in the week we planned every day more-or-less and had cinema trips and soft play that wouldn’t normally happen. We also got to feed a friend’s cats and chickens for the week which was a nice change for MG and DG. DG had her very first cinema trip (she doesn’t really sit through films so did really well) and MG is now seven. Eek.

Having a week offline more-or-less helped me think about things. I didn’t manage to stay off twitter for the whole week but I did start deleting myself off blogging networks and so forth. I wanted to write about things though, so I can’t give up all the other things I blog about so my plan is:
A weekly ramble in the ‘week in books’ post, that will be public.
General parenting musings at Mum Network, but I won’t post individually here.
I’ll continue writing my Asperger’s journey, but it will all be private. I will need to write as I go along though, so I remember the process and may write something in retrospect.
Other personal parenting and general posts will also be private, but I’ve realised that I do need to write things down for me as well.
Mostly there will only be book reviews appearing here, but I’ll also write about gender and difference in relation to books too which are things I’ve been wanting to write more about.

On the whole I’m hoping that keeping things for me will mean I stress less about what I’m writing, which will free up more time to write about the other things that I never seem to find time for. Which seems counter-intuitive as it looks like I’ll be writing more posts?!

My stats have dropped like a stone in the last week. This is not surprising as I set more than half of my blog to private, originally 355 posts but I unblocked 30 of them (annoyingly bulk changes sent them all out as e-mails, which I didn’t realise until I’d done 14 – sorry, subscribers!) But I’m going to try hard not to worry about stats!

Onwards and upwards. Here’s to the new-ish Child-Led Chaos…

Books added to shelves: 4
The Pig’s Knickers – Jonathan Emmett & Vanessa Cabban (bought for gift in an earlier week from Mostly Books, but gave other books as gifts and decided to keep this one)
Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends (birthday present for MG)
Science (birthday present for MG)
The Yes – Sarah Bee & Satoshi Kitamura (review book from Andersen Press)
Cumulative: 60 (£28.70)

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: none

Books removed from shelves: 1
Cumulative: 61 (27 still to post)

Read 52 books finished this week:
Phoenix – SF Said
A Necklace of Raindrops – Joan Aiken & Jan Pienkowski

Year progress: 53/365 = 14.5%
300 Picture Book progress: 105/300 = 35.0%
Read 52 progress: 7/52 = 13.5%

300in2014 A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

3 responses to “Our Week in Books #8

  1. I always like reading your book posts but can totally understand why there are some things you would like to keep private. I understand about the writing too, I need to do it to keep sane. A few days without writing and I get very grumpy and frustrated!

    Take care 🙂

    • Thank-you. I feel a bit like I flounced and now I’m back, but I needed the space to think through what I was sharing and why, and I think I can be true to myself instead of sliding down the parent blogging slide just for the sake of it now 🙂 xx

      • That’s what I like about having a blog, I get to write but I’m the one who chooses what to include. I love the way that each person’s blog reflects their own personality. I’m glad the time out helped you 🙂

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