300 Picture Books #8


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We reached 100 different picture books in the last week. Even on weeks when I think we haven’t read much, or have just read repeats, I’m generally pleasantly surprised. I’m also now reading the first chapter book over several nights. Actually, that’s not true, I did read Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf a couple of years ago, but I never really got the hang of reading chapters and now MG is seven it’s really about time I tried harder. We’re reading Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends. Not my first choice of book but that’s what MG and her friends all watch apparently, and so far I like how it discusses how Apple White is sad that people only see her as a pretty face rather than her accomplishments, and Raven Queen doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. I’m still only counting picture books in my totals though because I know we can easily do both, but chapters can be counted instead of (and as well as) picture books if that suits people more.

100 picture books reached (weeks 7 and 8):
Mummy’s To Do List
Bubbablue and Me

And several more very close to 100 too. ‘On track’ for the year would be about 44 books, give or take a few. But even if you’ve not managed to keep on track so far, every book is a book read and that’s a brilliant thing.

I lost a couple of people when tabs got closed down accidentally, so if you’re not on the list and want to be, please let me know.

Chaos Household ‘new’ picture books read this week:
Spells-A-Popping Granny's Shopping The Yes The Pig's Knickers Octopus Socktopus The Octonauts and the Sea of Shade Room on the Broom Fish Food Alison's Zinnia Tiny Little Fly

#300PBs progress: 106/300 = 35.3%
2014vs2013 progress: 106/158 = 67.1%

There will be a giveaway next week, consisting of a selection of mother’s day picture books, mostly suitable for babies and toddlers.

I still need to post other giveaway winners books. They will get there…

…eventually 🙂

5 responses to “300 Picture Books #8

  1. I’m slowly but surely realising we don’t read anywhere near as much as I thought. I’m disappointed in myself.

  2. We’re slowing down with the introduction of chapter books and the rereading of books that are already on our list. Still enjoying the challenge though 🙂

  3. We loved that Spells Granny book – we read it last week. Great fun and not one I knew of.

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  5. Thanks for mentioning our 100 books milestone! I think like lots of people we’ve slowed down as the weeks go on – we’re pretty much reliant on the library now for new material. That said, it’s Little Miss’s birthday next month and this week I couldn’t resist buying her the Ladybird books Once Upon a Time Library. It was a bargain from The Book People, 24 books for £24 and they’re ones I remember having myself as a child. So that should help boost numbers next month!!!

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