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I was going to be awkward for the summer read, and choose a wintery themed book, but then this popped through my letterbox this week and it was the only choice really 🙂

I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers #3): Clara Vulliamy (HarperCollins Children's Books, 2014)I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers #3): Clara Vulliamy (HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2014)

I am hugging this book to my chest as I contemplate how to describe how much all the Chaos family adores Martha and her bunny brothers. I gave some examples of all the wonderful little details in my I Heart Bedtime review and all the little touches are back in this third volume.

It starts with “This is a happy book, all about MARTHA – that’s me!” and has the different fonts, lists, news, things to choose from, menus, expressions, happiness and pure joy that the first two books are packed with and is still unique and fun and brilliant on its own merits. “I love this!” says Danger Girl (5).

I tried to get Danger Girl to choose her favourite of the three Martha books. “I love all of them!” But if you could only have one? She looked completely downcast at this, “But I want them all!” After a little chat she decided that I Heart Holidays was best for packing for a holiday, I Heart Bedtime was best for packing for a sleepover, and I Heart School was best for taking to school, but all three were best for under her pillow at home.

In I Heart Holidays Martha has a shiny new suitcase that she’s packing with all the essentials for a summer holiday – scrapbook, pencils, bucket and spade… Monty and Pip are packing too, and so is Paws (and mum and dad somewhere!) but it’s time to hurry to pack everything into Bluebell, the gorgeous blue camper van. [All of a sudden, I really really want a camper van, Clara makes everything look so gorgeous!] The image of everyone squished into the back in their car seats is wonderful – and we even get a peek of mum and dad.

Martha’s family are having what is probably now an ‘old fashioned’ beach holiday, but it’s the holiday of my childhood, and the holiday of my children’s childhood (we’re off to a Scottish island again this year, bliss) and is full of everything you’d expect – sand sandwiches, ice creams dropped (repeatedly), rain as the children paddle, and happiness, sunshine, and love.

I have an extra reason to love I Heart Holidays, on top of the lovely story and beautiful illustrations. Last year I found some material that I thought matched the cover of I Heart Bedtime and sent it to Clara, and she used the material as Martha’s sleeping bag. I sort-of-almost-not-really-but-I’m-pretending-I-did contributed to a Martha Bunny book 🙂

I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers #3): Clara Vulliamy (HarperCollins Children's Books, 2014)

I Heart Holidays is published on 3rd July 2014, and the Chaos family recommends every Martha Bunny book for all happy bunnies everywhere.

Disclosure: I Heart Holidays received for review from HarperCollins Children’s Books.

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  1. I can’t wait to read this book 🙂
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