November 3

Day three of blogging every day and technically I haven’t actually blogged yet. Oh well. Just pretend I did something for the first two days, and I’ll update them later. Although given that it took me four months to complete June’s Book A Day, maybe I shouldn’t commit to this.

November is full of things to sign up to. It’s NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, PiBoIdMo, Movember, Mevember, Dinovember, National Non Fiction November, Picture Books Month, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month… and lots more besides. I wonder whether it’s because it’s almost Christmas, or that there are 30 days which makes it easier to divide, or just coincidence?

I’m not entirely sure what happened to October, it seems to have slipped past with an unnatural speed. It was also unusually warm. Which worked out beautifully for our unbirthday Halloween party. Who would have thought you could do crafting in the garden in the UK on 31st October?!

Not quite how I imagined the party going but crafting in the garden is going well!

I should give myself a pat on the back for that party. Technically I was in charge of ten 5-7 year olds for two hours, and I survived. Also technically Mr Chaos was upstairs working in case of emergencies, and one of the dads stayed with the eleventh party guest (adorable toddler) because his five year old has epilepsy, so he was hiding in the background just in case of medical emergencies (fortunately there were none!) But really, it was me in charge of ten children. And I managed. I should be more proud of myself.

I also managed four children for nearly ten hours on Sunday, because friends were running a charity event for the day so I borrowed their lovely children. Which, as I was solo parenting from 7am Saturday to midnight Sunday, is another thing I should be proud of.

I know I’m sort-of showing off, but I’m usually so negative about myself I’m trying really hard to be proud of something. Instead of what I’m actually feeling, which is completely useless. The last few days have taken their toll, and I am mainly in shut down mode, with small bursts of capability.

My plan for this month is to seriously work on new book blog, catch up on my reviews (starting off new book blog), try to do a proper plan for what I’m aiming for (What networking should I be doing? Do I want to approach publishers for the launch? Do I want to do interviews? Is this just another idea that I’m going to let fall by the wayside? Do I believe in myself enough to get this set up?)

Right now, my brain is clouding over and my eyes are struggling to keep open, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll start producing some slightly more interesting posts. Hopefully.

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  1. Well done for surviving the party – having such a big group of 5-7s at home is definitely hard work! Really looking forward to hearing more about your new book blog when you are ready. Have fun working on it x
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