November 5

Posting every day is going tremendously well. Um. I do have a draft post from yesterday. The fact that it’s just a title with no content isn’t particularly helpful, but the thought was there.

This morning I’ve been playing with NewBlogTM. Writing content might be more useful, but I’m getting the plan and layout where I want it to be and I’m immensely proud of my css and php code changes due to my practically non-existent skills in those areas. I have changed wordings for ‘not found’ pages, and updated category page titles, and other random and not particularly amazing stuff.

Content. Must write the blasted content! That’s my current sticking point, my brain is in hibernation and I’ve no faith in my opinions at the moment. Also I’m torn between creating a database that will spit the code I need out (longer set-up, quicker in long term) or doing everything manually (might not be that much slower long term, and creating an application could be is probably a waste of my time…)

My mind is wandering all over the place and I’m easily distracted at the moment. My current conundrum is copyright notices I’m putting in a footer. If the concept for a blog is mine, and all the reviews and writing is mine, and the categories, and the tweaks to the blog layout are mine, does that mean the design is copyright me? But… I have an illustrator, who is making an idea into a reality with images from his imagination. So is concept copyright me and design to him? I don’t just want to say ‘illustrations by’ because it’s so much more than that. But I’m important too… I’ll ask. Just thinking aloud.

Bookish stuff soon. I have lots of gorgeous books to share. Just feeling slightly woolly still, I’ll get there.

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