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I had some lovely comments after my last post, which I really should have replied to (sorry, I really do appreciate them all), and it made me think. Comments along the lines of “sorry you feel like this at the moment” – but I think my moment has been the last ten years. That’s quite a long moment to have.

Okay, so I can’t help being ill, and I can’t change the years of being undiagnosed autistic spectrum, but the whole of my thirties have mostly been a write off – and that includes getting married and having two children, which are supposed to be some of the happiest days of my life.

Not that I’ve spent a decade being miserable all the time, but often fogged over and fracturing. And I’ve been thinking about the blog posts I write in my head every day, and how it might help me if I get them onto (virtual) paper.

So my plan is to commit to one Chaos Castle and one Child-Led Chaos post every week. I could write on here most days, even though I love writing about books it takes longer so one a week to start with until I get into practise.

Feel free to nudge me if I don’t get anything up. I could write about that doodle at the top for a start…


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  1. I love your doodles, and I love that they are making you happy.

    I have felt like so much of my life has been also ran, and I’m determined that from now is different. Hence the creative circle (post handily linked below). Happy to nudge as and when required.
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