January and February 2018 Book Stats

I have read 15 books in January and February, which I’m really impressed with. Especially as that’s my goal count total, not actual books read. Here are the actual 36 books that I read:

Of these, 13 were picture books, so too short for my personal goals. Five were graphic novels, of which I counted one because it was over 200 pages. However I could count the other four as two more reads but that’s not how I work! Two were DNF – although again they could count as one as between them I read over 300 pages. Thornhill could probably be included as a graphic novel because it has so little text, so again I didn’t include it in my goal count. Finally Mostly Mary was a very short read so I also didn’t count it.

I bought *cough* 86 books. Oops. 30 were second hand from various charity shops, local library, and Poundland. 14 were Kindle books (some bought with Prime credit). 4 were World Book Day books bought with vouchers. 21 were from Amazon (oops, bad me!) 15 were from Mostly Books (well, 17 including the WBD ones…) One was direct from Nosy Crow online, and one from a different indie bookstore in Cowley.

I need to be banned from charity shops.

And Amazon.

And Mostly Books.

Well, maybe not Mostly Books… 😉

Of the 72 physical books, I bought 11 picture books, 11 highly-illustrated books, and four graphic novels.

Of all 86 books, ten were non-fiction. Of all 86 books, 12 were not aimed at children or YA. 23 were (probably) YA, 11 picture books, and 40 for early readers or middle grade. I think. I’m not an expert at separating MG/YA.

Of all 86 books, I’ve read 26. Not all of the books were for me, so I won’t necessarily be reading them all anyhow, but the majority were so that’s even more for my ridiculous TBR. Ah well!

Oooh, the first book for March has just arrived. I so need help… 😉

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