Book Cull / Unhaul

For the last two years, I’ve tried to reduce the increase of books in my household. For the two or three years prior to that, I had a net gain of around 400 books per year. This is understandably not sustainable.

And I only have five years worth of data on my book buying habits, so no idea what it was like before that.

In 2016 I think I managed to cull / unhaul more books than I gained. I culled over 500 books. Yay.

In 2017 I think there was a slight net gain, but I did cull 320 books.

So far in 2018 I’ve gained 152 books. 102 physical and 50 digital.

It’s the physical books that I’m counting for net gain and culling, because they take up physical space. I did cull 200+ Kindle books last year too, because they were all free ones I got when I was being overzealous on collecting Kindle books, and I’m never likely to read them.

I currently have 373 Kindle books; plus another 6 eBooks that I need to find the files for (emailed from indie book shop); plus 51 NetGalley books; plus 20 from Humble Bundle. These 450 books take up no space at all. My husband loves them 😉

However, I have no idea how many physical books we have. Most are mine or kids books (that are mostly mine too, to be fair). There are 5 bookcases full to bursting. Plus two 65ltr books packed tightly. Plus quite a few piles of books around the house. Hmm, at an estimate maybe another 8m of books? I’m not very good at estimating though.

It’s quite a lot of space taken basically. So I need to reduce the books a library.

Okay, I need to reduce the books.

And a library.

I’d also like to know exactly how many books we have now. Because I really have no idea.

Yesterday, a whole 40 books left my house. My first cull / unhaul of the year. Woohoo!

I also have another pile of books to cull, and a box I sorted last year that I haven’t got out of the house yet (not counted in my cull, I only count them when they have physically left the building!) I mean to post some out to people, and sell some, then donate what’s left. Hopefully I’ll do some of that this week so I can get this year’s net gain down to negative.

And then the four physical books I’ve already  ordered / pre-ordered won’t count as a gain. Cough.

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