Books Wot I Own #1

I’d really love to have a “library” with all our books in one place. Partially because I love books and just want a nice peaceful spot surrounded by my beauties and partially because I’d like to have them all in one place instead of spread in every room in the house.

We have a large garage that we currently use as storage, mainly of junk. The roof was redone less than two years ago, and although it needs decluttering and cleaning, and probably new doors (front and back standard doors, not the garage door) and window, it could probably be converted into a library with minimal cost.

Mr Chaos wants it for a cinema room, but I think his plans will involve more expense than mine, because all I really plan to do is clean the place out and add some bookshelves.

It won’t be ideal, with books getting cold in winter but with some dehumidifiers and a heater for when actually inside in winter I don’t think it needs any actual structural changes.

Whether this will actually happen or not depends on whether I can manage to throw away clutter, and whether I can save up for bookshelves (and an offcut of carpet, and I was wondering whether I should cover the bare brick walls with something to help insulate, and whether I need to replace the doors…) but whilst dreaming about it I thought I need to know exactly how many books we do actually own.

Therefore I’ve decided to do a snapshot of the books we currently own. This will probably take me several weeks to collate in between all my other jobs, but I started yesterday with the first 65ltr box I have of books I love but don’t have shelf space for so put in a box.

I’m scanning them into Goodreads, and trying to match up the covers with the versions I actually have, but it’s not accurate in a few cases because some covers weren’t on as other editions. I also don’t have a few “mini” books that were in this box – I found four out of six mini Peter Rabbit boxes as one edition (they’re not) but not the mini Winnie the Pooh, or Joke books, or Puffin Poets, or a couple of others. Just mentioning them for completeness, but I can’t be bothered to actually add them to Goodreads or take pictures!

“Box 1” as I’ve called it has 103 items on Goodreads. You can find all of my owned books (at time of writing this, 103, but will increase as I continue my project) on my “owned books all” shelf.

This is very much a “vanity project” but it’s my current obsession so I may as well write about it!

Here are the books in picture format, screen printed from Goodreads:

Oops, just done all this and realise I forgot to add The Brightonomicon by Robert Rankin because I have an arc. I added it to Goodreads but not going to get another screenprint because I don’t care for the book much. I culled all my Robert Rankins except the Armageddon trilogy and my signed Rankins. I should cull The Brightonomicon because I DNF’d it but it is personalised for my 30th birthday so I haven’t.

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