Books Wot I Own #2

This is going to take a very long time…

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I do have a habit of getting carried away with things when I get something into my head. Listing every book in this household is going to take a while. I have so far gone through the two boxes I have, plus 2/3 of one bookshelf, plus added most of this year’s gained books (I have already culled some of this year’s gained books – the book cull total rose to 230 by the end of April) and my total owned books on Goodreads is now 451.

Hmm. I’ve not really got through many at all. I’m going to estimate 3000-4000 books in total, let’s see what happens…

Scanning books with the Goodreads app is painfully slow. It might be my phone, but that’s fairly new, or the age of the books, or that I have UK editions? I don’t know, but it’s easier to search Goodreads where I have a series, add them all, and then edit the edition to the one I actually have. This might come under autistic obsession…

For my records, here is box two. The bulk of my Terry Pratchett collection, plus some Neil Gaiman, and a random Paul Gallico because it fit.

Right, I’m having a break for a few days, and a think about how stupid this plan is and whether I’m going to continue.

I really want to have this list though. Being obsessive sucks sometimes.

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