Updated TBR

It’s three months since I wrote a planned TBR for this year, and it appears I’m definitely not a TBR person!

Of the 31 books I planned to read, I’ve read two, despite having read 33 books since making the list.

I’ve also already culled/unhauled five of the books on the list, and will probably cull at least one more.

Most of the rest aren’t in my sights for reading in the near future either.

My current TBR plans are probably:

The Gospel of Loki (currently reading)
Moon Mourning (Kindle borrow)
The Testament of Loki (Netgalley)
Heart’s Blood
Heart Shaped Box (Netgalley)
A Sending of Dragons
Dragon’s Heart (don’t own)
Children of Blood and Bone
Midnight (11th Skulduggery, published end of this month – will jump ahead in list when arrives)

Well, three of them are still the same! I started re-reading the Pit Dragon trilogy so will continue but I also need to get some review books read, and have added a quick read for light relief. To finish the now Pit Dragon quartet I need to buy the fourth book, and I so don’t need more books. But this series is special to me so I will.

I’m starting to get my head around getting rid of more books from my TBR piles that I’m unlikely to read in the next few years, and planning to cull as I progress with my “books wot i own” project.

I will hopefully end up with a library of just books that I love, plus Mr Chaos’ and my girls’ books of course. I’m writing this from a self centred view but MG & DG have books that I wouldn’t cull because they love them (I’m looking at you, Rainbow Fairies!) and Mr Chaos only has about three shelves of books, being less of a book person, all of which are meaningful to him.

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