April Wrap Up

In April I finished ten books, but they were mostly quick reads dominated by 1000+ pages of Saga graphic novel that I’ve only recently discovered.

These are the books I finished in April:

Obviously my favourites of the month were Saga Books One and Two (collecting volumes 1-6, or issues 1-36), followed by a childhood re-read of Dragon’s Blood.

The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day –┬áNot quite what I was expecting from the title. Beautiful and heartbreaking. I deducted a star because of a throw away autism line (“Your sister’s such a freak. She’s practically autistic.”) because I’m a sensitive snowflake, otherwise it would be 5 star.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Fun read, I’ll probably read the sequel at some point.

El Deafo – My 11yo’s favourite book. I eventually got around to reading it and it is wonderful. Based on the author’s childhood experiences of becoming deaf and her “superhero” talent due to the electronic ear she needed to use to hear more.

Dear Ijeawele – Lovely short essay on bringing up feminist children. I adore Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

New Moon Rising – First in the prequels for Samantha Moon series because I’m up-to-date on the rest. My “guilty” reads”

The Wiggle Woshers and their Stolen Hearts – Picture book about an alien who steals the hearts from other aliens but eventually learns love. Beautifully illustrated by an autistic and learning disabled young man, this is let down by the writing. I appreciate what the aim was, and hope the illustrator does more work based on this, and I recommend it to support him, but it ultimately falls flat. Detailed review well overdue. Review copy.

Things a Bright Girl Can Do – Sadly I only found this an okay read. Following the lives of three very different young women around the period of the First World War and achieving votes for women. I wanted to like it more than I did, but can’t put my finger on what didn’t work for me.

Saga Book One – Collecting the first three volume (eighteen issues) of Saga, Book One is a beautiful hardback tome with extra information and artwork. Saga is hard to describe. It’s about a baby born to parents on opposite sides of a war, set in space across a large variety of worlds, with a huge diverse cast of characters.

Dragon’s Blood – Start of a re-read of a series of books I borrowed from the library hen I was about ten, and searched for until I found them to buy in my early twenties. Set on a planet with dragons, Dragon’s Blood tells the story of Jakkin, who steals a baby dragon in order to raise money to free himself. Wonderful world building, and stuck with me forever. Will always be 5*.

Saga Book Two – The next three volumes of Saga, another beautiful hardback tome. I can’t wait for Book Three. I could read Volume 7 and Volume 8 but I’m waiting for the collected edition (so I literally can wait I suppose!) Then after that, a year hiatus for the creators, so a very long wait for any more. Sob.

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