June Wrap Up

My reading picked up again in June with sixteen books finished – although eight were picture books!

The books I finished in June were:

Another good month. Scythe and Thunderhead were particularly amazing, and I can’t wait for the third book next year.

Heart’s Blood – second in the Pit Dragon’s Trilogy re-read (although now it’s a quartet, and I’ve bought the fourth book to read in sequence), and still as wonderful as I remember.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight – I’m still loving the return of Skulduggery Pleasant, and will devour these as soon as they come out. In Midnight, Valkyrie’s sister is kidnapped by Gant, and there are omens galore for the future. Looking forward to how this develops.

The Lost Plot – Fourth in the Invisible Library series, I love this series, and the ending of this one made me very happy! I’ve got the fifth on pre-order already!

Little Mole is a Whirlwind – Anna Llenas’ art is wonderful. We adore Colour Monster. In this, Little Mole has ADHD, which is sensitively covered. Full review also overdue. Review copy.

In Other Lands – I saw this on YouTube and it sounded perfect. Thirteen year old Elliot is a cynic but he has the ability to see the border between worlds so ends up at magic camp learning to defend the border between magic and reality. He is sarky and snarky, and a bit of a git to start with, but he develops throughout. I think this book should be read by all teens because it is very diverse, throws some gender stereotypes on their heads, and has a deep message of consent. Perfection.

Scythe – Another YouTube recommendation I’m glad I tucked into, Scythe is about a perfect future world where there is no war, no hunger, no poverty, and no death. Almost all deaths can be recovered from, but to keep some population control there are Scythes, who are tasked with killing. This follows two young people on their journey to train as Scythes, in this far from perfect utopia. It is brutal in parts, compelling, and the world building is perfect.

Dark Matter – I read this while waiting for my order of Thunderhead. It was supposed to be an amazing twisting thriller, but it was standard SF stuff and a bit lame really. Okay, but not amazing.

The Last Chance Hotel – I’ve been waiting for this book for so long. Written by the ex-owner of my local indie, obviously I’d get it. It’s a bit of a worry reading a book by someone you know – what if I didn’t like it? I needn’t have worried, Nikki has created a magical world with believable characters you want to know more about. Seth the kitchen boy and his cat, the magical system, the strange hotel setting, the murder mystery… I was completely pulled into the world and the end left me hungry for more. I think there will be a sequel, this really needs to be a series.

Thunderhead – One of those rare sequels that are even better than the first. More world development, more of the Thunderhead, more danger and twists. The third book seems so far away!

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