Child-Led Chaos is a UK parenting blog that reviews and rambles about books – mostly, but not always, picture books – with the odd event and activity thrown in. For the best in illustrated books, head to Chaos Castle.

The creators of chaos are my superheroes, Mighty Girl and Danger Girl, born in 2007 and 2009. They are often referred to as MG and DG, and even when not referred to explicitly, are implicit in everything I do.

I do not believe that girls and boys are inherently different, and there is no neurological research to support this. I thoroughly recommend Cordelia Fine’s book Delusions of Gender and the work of Let Toys Be Toys.

Review Policy

All review items are clearly marked as such. Reviews are honest and completely biased opinions, positive or negative. My bias is against gender stereotyping, bullying, and similar messages, intentional or not. I reserve the right not to review all items received.

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This is a personal blog and all content is written by one person. Quotes may be taken for fair use if full credit is given. Exceptions to this are guest posts, which are highlighted as such, and quotes from books or other sources. Copyright remains with the original authors of all works.


I use Google Images, or a camera or scanner to get cover and interior images for books to illustrate reviews, under fair use guidelines. If you find any images that you own and wish to be removed, please contact me.

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