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MG Blog: Attack of the Slime by Tim Healey & Chris Mould

Attack of the Slime: Tim Healey & Chris Mould (Hodder Children's Books, 2013)

Attack of the slime

it is about mortimer keene/and his slime.

the teachers are called mortimer keene/mr bevan/mrs moray/mr field/mrs macnee/mr smart/mr green/mr james

there is a mouse in evry page exseped for 1 page dose not have the mouse in it.

it is mostley green/ black and white it ts quite intresting/100 times good/it is compleatley ok/it was icstremley intresstingley good/it was not bad at all.

i liked it when the mouse goed on top of the slime/and when the slime comes out from behind the door/i like the book a lot more than my sisster and 9999 my sisster only likes it about 100 but my sisster rosie can not read becuse she is only four 4 years old and i am six 6 years old and i am 1 one year older than her but i am near 7 years old and there is soon going to be 2 difrentses

it is quite a long book to read /and it is intresstinding than tunse of uther books i like it so much i can not discribe it a single bit/or a tiny wheeny bit not even the slitest moste smallest bit.

i all so like it when they made a big boat and sailed across the school*that was covered-in gooy sticky slime with out the chilldren it was so very funny.


Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Attack of the Slime by Hachette Children’s Books for review. This means very little to a six-year-old, and it’s impossible to influence their opinion.

Editor’s Note: I added the picture, title, category, tags and disclosure. Everything else was thought up and typed independently by MG with no parental input. I’m not sure why she thinks she’s only a year older than her sister today!