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Once aponer time #5

Continuing the serialisation of Mighty-Girl’s picture book: the final pages of The Lonely Bear.

The Lonely Bear, page 10

The Lonely Bear, page 8

The Lonely Bear, page 9

The Lonely Bear, page 9

The Lonely Bear, back cover

The Lonely Bear, back cover

To say I’m proud is something of an understatement. The length of this writing for a just-turned six year old is amazing (in my opinion!), there’s over 360 words even excluding all title, character lists etc.

Mighty-Girl approached this work entirely on her own initiative. The only input I had was when she asked me to spell a couple of words (“curious” and “their” – I got some of the their/there/they’re out of context though so incorrect use is probably my fault!) and she only let me read it when she was ready.

I’d like to give huge thanks to Clara Vulliamy who you can see is a huge influence in this work (Martha in this story is named after Clara’s Martha Bunny) and also I can see a lot of similarities to David Melling characters too!

Finally: exciting news! The Lonely Bear is going to be animated…