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Travel I-Spy

With a very long drive / ferry trip from Oxfordshire to Mull, I was trying to think of in-car entertainment for MG and DG. An I-Spy checklist to tick off seemed a good idea, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted online so made one.

After making these sheets I realised what I was thinking of was Bingo, for which there might be something I was looking for but I didn’t search. But to me it’s I Spy, because we’re looking out for things!

For younger children, I thought a simple colour-matching sheet would be best. There are 21 cars on the sheet; three each of the more common colours and then three unusual colours to spot. Children can spot either cars, vans, lorries or whatever they want if it makes it easier.

You can download a pdf to print two A5 copies of the I Spy sheet to a page by clicking the picture above, or here. Alternately, an A4 version is here.

I gave the A5 version to MG and DG on the trip up. MG used stickers of the correct colour to match the cars on the sheet, and did sort-of grasp the idea that we were looking outside the car but not really! DG just looked at the sheet in a confused manner. To be fair, they were both really tired the whole way and the sheets might work out better on the way home!

I also did a more detailed sheet of things we’d probably see on the journey through Scotland – completely forgetting essential things like sheep or cows – which DG was very excited by. “Helicoptor!” she cried, but when we asked where she’d seen it, it was on the sheet itself… We might try that one on the island too, although it really needs sheep, cows and coloured houses added to it. I’ll upload a version if I make it!

You can download the travel I-Spy sheet by clicking on the picture above, or here.