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Friday Pick{ture Book}: Walter & the No-Need-to-Worry Suit

Walter & the No-Need-to-Worry Suit: Rachel Bright (HarperCollins Children's Books, 2012)

Walter & the No-Need-to-Worry Suit: Rachel Bright
(HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2012)

This is really the second pick of the week, as Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep is the first, but as I reviewed that back in April originally I have an excuse to choose another 😉

I cannot emphasise enough just how gorgeous this book is, and I am delighted to know it’s the first in a series because in the Chaos household we all definitely want more of Walter, Winnie and their friends.

“What if… [..] my trousers completely come off… and at that very moment, a TV crew arrives and films the no trousers thing, and so I am basically on TV IN JUST MY PANTS!”

Walter, Winnie and their friends live in the gorgeously named Woollybottom. Walter worries about everything. He even worries that he’s forgotten something to worry about. He gets so worried about the upcoming sports day that his friends all work together to provide Walter with the perfect answer: a “no-need-to-worry” suit to protect him from everything (including his trousers falling off, and being stranded on an alien planet).

Except, with the suit on, Walter finds that he can’t actually do anything at all. Eventually he realises something really big: his friends have helped him out with more than just a suit, and worries can be overcome.

At the top of a very tall hill in a very small place called Woollybottom, is a horseshoe of houses.

The book has a wonderful printed typeface throughout, uneven and interesting to look at. The art is wonderfully printed, slightly (purposely) smudgy in places, edible colours… I utterly adore this book! Not just me, of course, DG and I have snuggled and read this over and over with DG pointing out all the characters, talking about them and commenting on what’s happening. I just giggle throughout, I think I am a bit like Walter in my worries to be honest (and I also HATE bananas!)

Highly recommended, I can’t wait for more from The Wonderful World of Walter & Winnie. Water & the No-Need-to-Worry Suit was published in paperback on 30 August with RRP £6.99.

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Walter & the No-Need-to-Worry Suit by HarperCollins Children’s Books for review. No other financial reward was given and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

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